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History & philosophy

There is no single or pure form of Jujitsu, it exists as a collection of close quarter combat techniques and manouvers designed to immobilise a would be attacker.

Jujitsu currently exists in both armed and unarmed forms. There are many legitimate styles of Jujitsu practiced across the world traditional, modern and some hybrid forms developed by enthusiasts.

Atemi Jujitsu is a particularly effective self defence/combat style, in which precise strikes are aimed at key areas of the targets body.

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professional coaching

Geoff Harris has been training in martial arts since 1974 and Ian Grant since 1985, so between them they have a wealth of knowledge on which to draw. However, they are never complacent and despite the multitude of seminars and multi style instruction over the years, continue to seek additional skills and techniques.

Geoff is now one of the very few Professional, full time martial arts instructors in the UK, training both the public, military and security agencies. He does not get embroiled in the politics of the art.

about our dojo

    Our Headquarters is at The Dojo Sidcup (see contacts page for website).

    ‘Dojo’ is Japanese for drill or training hall.

    This Martial Arts Centre is owned by Goshin Ryu Atemi Jujitsu’s founder and senior instructor Geoff Harris. Building a private club for elite martial artists has enabled the premises to be tailored specifically for the art.

    Come along and train in this unique training venue. Dojos are both airconditioned and heated . Our Dojo is permanently matted with the finest quality mats. No more cold, dirty halls or distraction from other sports.

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